60 Minutes and Pope Francis

I just finished watching 60 Minutes sharing a new movie coming soon about Pope Francis. He is asked why does God allow children to suffer ? He thinks for a second then says ,”Well God also allowed his only Son to suffer on the Cross.” (Not an exact quote)
For those who believe in God, and believe He had a Son who suffered and died on a Cross, wouldn’t it make more sense that God would spare the suffering of Children having gone through this with his own Son ?
If I lost a Child or Grandchild, I certainly would want to spare everyone this same experience , wouldn’t you ? wouldn’t a real God ?

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Clark Griswald Yep, that’s me !

For those of you who have watched Chevy Chase in Christmas Vacation, you know who Clark Griswald is. In the movie he is the Dad who always goes all out celebrating Christmas. From decorating his house with lights that can be seen from outer space to cutting down a 30 foot Douglas Fir to fit in his living room with 10 foot ceilings. Yep, that’s me !

This was my Late Mother’s favorite time of the year.   This is my 2nd Christmas without her.  She loved being surrounded by family . She knew no strangers. Everyone she met got a hug whether she knew them or not. She was a very giving person. She always tried to see the best in everyone.

I look forward to this time of year because of the memories of how my Mother enjoyed Christmas. I love being surrounded by Family . I have a new Grand Daughter who is the love of my life. She likes to give Grandpa kisses. What’s not to like about this !!!

So for my Blog Friends regardless of your religious persuasion or none at all , I wish the happiest moments for you during this time of year. And I hope you are able to get kissed by someone you care about too !

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Sorry about the empty post

I was writing a post yesterday and thought I had saved it as a draft but Carmen emailed to let me know it went out as an empty post.  Sorry about that !  I was going to share what I heard on the BBC this past week.  The story took place in India where some Hindu’s got very upset with a Muslim for eating meat from a Cow and decided to kill him.  It wasn’t the poor Muslim’s fault.  His religion forbids him to eat pork and shellfish and Jews are in the same boat as the Muslim.

Maybe they should all become Christians as all food is fair game (pardon the pun).  Just look at many of the TV Evangelists to see that gluttony  “is the way” to display God’s Favor.        🙂

Thoughts ?

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“The Shack”, the movie

Though a Christian de-convert, I read the book, “The Shack” when it came out in 2007.  I did mainly because so many Christians were condemning it.  It is about a Father who takes his kids camping while his wife is attending a work related meeting.  Their youngest daughter is kidnapped from their campground and found murdered.  He later meets 3 mythical characters , an African American female (God) , a Middle East male woodworker (Jesus) and an Asian female gardener (Holy Spirit) who teach him about grace and forgiveness.

The 3 mythical characters could have been Larry, Moe and Curly Joe from the Three Stooges for all I care.  It was all about forgiveness and grace albeit themes of various religions.

This past week, a movie of the same name debuted in theaters here in the USA.  I took my oldest daughter to see it today.  It followed much of what was in the book .  My daughter and I both wept during several scenes of the movie.

When I returned home, I looked at reviews of the movie and again the Christian Community criticized it for being “Theologically Incorrect”.  Several said, “How could God be portrayed as a Black Woman?”    WTF ???  It is a novel !  Theological Correctness never entered my mind.  I was touched because the theme of forgiveness is something I feel I could improve on in my life.

Forgiveness is not owned by Religion or Christianity in particular.   It’s something I feel we all could extend a little more of…….





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