God chose me to tell you ………….

I can’t speak for all of the World’s religions , but I’m familiar enough with Christianity, Islam and Judaism to know that down through their histories their God(s) tended to reveal himself to one man for a certain time and occasion .

According to the Quran, to believe in God’s Messengers (Rusul) means to be convinced that God sent them to men and jinn (khalq) to guide them to the path of the Truth, and that they have told the truth about everything they have conveyed from God. It is obligatory to know twenty-five particular messengers.  Out of the twenty-five prophets, five are considered as the God’s most preferred Messengers: Nuḥ (Noah), Ibrahim (Abraham), Musa (Moses), `Isa (Jesus), and Muhammad.

Judaism and Christianity would agree on 4 of the 5 mentioned in the Quran.  Many more are mentioned in the Old Testament and even Paul considers himself to be a prophet in the New Testament amongst lesser ones .

Paul goes on to qualify a Prophet as only being someone who agrees with what Paul is saying.  How convenient !

1 Corinthians 14:37

If anyone thinks they are a prophet or otherwise gifted by the Spirit, let them acknowledge that what I am writing to you is the Lord’s command.
I find it interesting that a God would select a single individual to convey his message to the masses.  Since many religions believe their God to be “omnipotent” , why wouldn’t their God just speak to everyone at once so the masses can all be on the same page ?
On a smaller scale , the children of Israel heard the voice of their God through a cloud and were scared shitless (apologies for my language).   Yet when their leader Moses didn’t return in 30 days, they basically forgot about what they had heard and pooled their gold together to make and worship a golden calf.   Apparently their God didn’t leave a lasting impression on them.
I think we can all safely say the following prophets were indeed false.
Harold Camping  (predicted end of world 2011 on May21 & Oct21 )
David Koresh  (his life ended with the burning of the Branch Davidian ranch outside of Waco, Texas, in McLennan County. Koresh, 54 other adults, and 28 children were found dead after the fire.
Jim Jones (Took the lives of 909 followers in Jonestown)
Why is it so easy to discount these people and yet millions are quite willing to accept the words from prophets in the Quran, OT and NT as having been revealed to them from their God ?
I am not an Atheist in the sense that I haven’t personally come to the conclusion the “Effect” of the Big Bang didn’t require a “Cause”  .   Though I refer to myself as a Deist , I should probably call myself an Agnostic.  Just as science calls DNA a “blueprint ” for every living thing I keep asking myself when did a “blueprint” ever turn into an object without a cause to this effect ?
And yet, I can’t imagine this “cause” has been revealed to a select few ……    Your thoughts ?
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9 thoughts on “God chose me to tell you ………….

  1. If ant god is such a dick to believe a single human can get across his all important message it doesn’t say much for his omniscience. In fact, considering it hasn’t worked with any prophet that has been entrusted with this message it smacks of a god that is capricious and not worthy of respect at all.

    However, if you substitute god with human it all fits perfectly.


  2. Great points Ark ! How do you get “religious” people to understand this ? In the “World News” yesterday was an article about a “Black Widow Bomber” who is supposedly in Sochi to cause terror at the Olympics. Her deceased husband was an Islamic Militant. She thinks she is doing the work of Allah.

    You made a comment at the Fide Dubitandum Blog that I never really considered before that bears repeating here. “Atheism allows the right deity to choose me”. Since de-converting from Christianity, I have tried to live a life that respects my fellow human beings no matter their religious (non) belief, sexual or political persuasion . If there is a Deity or just some entity passing out gold stars for being a good and decent person , I have faith to believe they will find me. 🙂


    • The ”Prophet” argument is similar to the one that asks ”Why did god only materialize in the Middle East?”

      Abe how come the American Indians (North and South) never heard of Yeshua until the conquistadors and the Pilgrims arrived?

      Remember that spoof song, Star Trekking, about Star Trek by a band called The Firm?
      The song has a line that goes ” We come in peace…shoot to kill, shoot to kill…”

      If there is a Deity or just some entity passing out gold stars for being a good and decent person , I have faith to believe they will find me.

      Sadly, Ken, from an Abrahamic God’s POV, you and I are in the same boat; it’s leaking and we are done for!
      We have to acknowledge this god because he’s a bit jealous, don’t you know?

      Tough call, right



  3. ooops ….Abe? er.. And,


  4. Abe ? You may not know but Abraham , Lincoln that is, is buried 3 miles from my home. 🙂


  5. <blockquote. probable…significant chance of happening ~ 75/25 odds
    possible…it can happen ~ 50/50 odds
    plausible..probably not going to happen but could ~ 25/75 odds

    Have you got a citation for these figures, Ken, I’d like to do a post?


    • Ark,

      Unfortunately I copied this from another blogger so there is not a creditable link for me to provide.

      I did find this definition of possible, plausible and probable that I think would work perfectly for how the christian bloggers are using the word plausible. I hope this helps.

      pos·si·ble (pŏs′ə-bəl) adj. 1. Capable of happening, existing, or being truewithout contradicting proven facts, laws, or circumstances. 2. Capable of occurring or being done withoutoffense to character, nature, or custom. 3. Capable of favorable development; potential: a possible site forthe new capital. plau·si·ble (plô′zə-bəl) adj. 1. Seemingly or apparently valid, likely, oracceptable; credible: a plausible excuse. 2. Giving a deceptive impression of truth orreliability. 3. Disingenuously smooth; fast-talking: prob•a•ble (ˈprɒb ə bəl)

      adj. 1. likely to occur or prove true. 2. having more evidence for than against, orevidence that inclines the mind to belief but leaves some room for doubt. 3. affording ground for belief.



  6. I did copy these from a website. Let me go searching for them and I’ll send the link.


  7. I’m not sure why my last comment cut off the definition of plausible.
    plau·si·ble (plô′zə-bəl)
    1. Seemingly or apparently valid, likely, or acceptable; credible: a plausible excuse.
    2. Giving a deceptive impression of truth or reliability.
    3. Disingenuously smooth; fast-talking:


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