“Waiting for Moderator Approval”

“Waiting for Moderator Approval”  has 2 meanings to me although I’m sure there are more.  1.) When I set up my Blog this was the “Default setting” and either I didn’t realize it or just haven’t gotten around to changing it.  2.) I want to have complete control “In advance” of what someone has posted because a.) I might find it offensive  b.) it might embarrass me or diminish my position

Though not a scientific survey, it has been my experience that most of these Blogs are hosted by “Professing Christians” .  This is quite in line with the tradition of their religion to control speech and eliminate it whenever it goes against their beliefs.

To be more specific, I have experienced this with “Professing Christians” who think that what they believe has a “factual basis” and not to be questioned by a mere mortal like me.

What intrigues me about these “bloggers” is that they seem to get some sort of satisfaction when they are being attacked personally (which I try not to do) but they take extreme offense if you use evidence to refute their claims.

I have had these “bloggers” remove my comments over the most trivial things because 1.) they didn’t want their “little koolaid drinking followers” to find out they were wrong  2.) their unbridled arrogance just couldn’t allow someone’s corrective comment to be published.

What’s funny about this is the Moderator of a Blog can remove anything they wish anytime they wish without having to use “Waiting for Moderator Approval”

Have you ever had a comment removed from a blogsite ?

Am I being too “anal” about this ?  Maybe I take blogging too seriously and need to “get a life”   🙂

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15 thoughts on ““Waiting for Moderator Approval”

  1. Hey Ken – I think wordpress has the default at moderation only on certain cases – one of them being if the person has never commented before. Another if there are too many links in the comment. I left both of those as my settings. I think the first one at least may weed out some nutty troll trying to leave some useless crazy comment. Other than that I agree with your points. I’ve also wondered whether or not to totally remove the default settings. I certainly don’t want to weed out any useful criticism on my blog.


  2. Thanks for your comments Howie . I see where there could be a need but so far I haven’t had the problem here. If I get more followers, I might change my mind ! 🙂


  3. Like Howie, I left those as my default settings, but I’ve never not published a comment. Now you only have my word for that. 😉 Once an author has been approved I never have to do that again. I don’t know how to fix that.


  4. Thanks Ruth
    I am going to add to this Post a question , Have you ever had a comment removed from a blogsite ?


    • I’m not sure if I have Ken, but I’ve had a bunch that never got out of moderation. One of mine did disappear but that may have been because it automatically goes away after being in moderation too long. And you’ve seen my comments – the ones that never got out of moderation were nowhere near nasty, they were just calm voice of a difference of opinion.


    • I did figure out how to change the moderation settings and have done so.

      I haven’t had any comments deleted to my knowledge, nor have I ever deleted any comments.


      • Thanks Ruth !

        I’ve had 2 christian bloggers block comments during the past 2 weeks and I couldn’t have been more civil. They simply didn’t like me providing evidence which countered their statements.


        • Damned ol’ Sunday bloggers!

          A belief or statement that can’t stand up to scrutiny isn’t one worth having. You’d think they would welcome the challenge and put on a fantastic display of refutation, if they could. But they can’t, so the next best thing is censorship.


        • Yeah, that doesn’t look very good when they are deleting comments. If they thought your comment was way wrong then they could have easily corrected it. Deleting it just makes it look like they are not interested in learning new information that may contradict what they believe.


      • The last blogger was also a young minister who made all sorts of outlandish claims as “facts” . We never got to debate those because he blocked me from merely correcting him on a statement he made about the bio of a scholar I mentioned. 🙂 Ark mentioned him in one of his posts. That’s why I checked him out in the first place. Yes very controlling just like his religion has been the past 2000 years. 🙂


      • My thoughts exactly , Howie. All I did was suggest he read a book on the Resurrection by Geza Vermes. I jokingly mentioned the last christian blogger I referred this book to said ,” Of course Vermes doesn’t believe in the resurrection, he’s a Jew” to which I answered, “Jesus was a Jew so should we discount what he said too ?”.

        Then this christian blogger answered back , “Vermes was not a Jew but a Catholic Priest”. That’s when he removed my comment where I informed him he was half right that early on Vermes became a catholic priest but later renounced his christian faith and reverted back to Judaism and by the way he was also born of Jewish parents.

        He couldn’t be wrong in front of his little christian koolaid drinking buddies so he didn’t allow my comment. How childish. And we didn’t even get to the theological discussion about why he believed the Resurrection to be “Fact” 🙂


  5. I think it is indeed the case they do not want their readers to see them blown away on a thread. This is ego, pure and simple.


  6. JohnZ, I totally agree this seems to be the case more times than not. And what’s even more comical, I simply corrected a christian blogger yesterday over a mistake he made about the bio of a scholar and he removed my comment so that he wouldn’t be proven to be wrong. We hadn’t even gotten to his theological error yet ! LOL

    Howie, I think when your comment is removed from being in moderation too long, it is the Moderator’s chicken sh#t way of removing it. 🙂


  7. You are spot on my old son. Can’t have the naughty nonbelievers knowing more than upright straight talking Crispy’ns and Moreslims, right?
    If the atheist educated the reader that dear old Ron Wyatt was a plonker of serious note and there are no chariot wheels on the sea bed of Red Sea then, good heavens, maybe my minister, pastor, vicar is telling ,em>porkie-pies about other stuff too. Hmm?

    Personally I never moderate anything. Delete the Korean & Chinese spammers and that’s it.


  8. You always have a way with words, Ark ! 🙂


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