Why bother ?

I am a novice blogger with less than one year under my belt.    I was born and raised in a fundamentalist Christian family and remained a Christian in my adulthood until about 50.  I will be turning 60 in a couple of weeks.  Gasp !  That is another story.   🙂  I have been very sympathetic to my Christian friends and thought many Atheists were being mean by suggesting Christian parents should not allow their children to learn about Christianity through stories heard in Church and Sunday School.

I have tried to be open and listen to both sides.  Now that I have carefully looked at the facts, I have come to the conclusion that some of these stories can be harmful to the well being of the child.  Since there really isn’t a way to select which stories the child is exposed to , the only logical thing to do is not to expose the child to any but I’m not sure this is practical in all cases.

I used to think exposing the child to Christianity was no different than allowing them to partake in the story of Santa Claus.  Well I was wrong.  The difference is , they are not indoctrinated with the story of Jolly Old Saint Nick through their adult lives.  They are expected to question the story as they grow older and come to the realization that Jolly Old Saint Nick is nothing but  a wonderful myth .  In Christianity and other religions, they are expected to believe myths as fact from crib to grave.

Although I am a great supporter of “Free Speech” , I am also a believer that the key to eradicating the religious violence throughout the world is to reach children before they are indoctrinated.

I’m all for separation of Church & State, but why not have all schools teach a course or series of courses on the History of Religion.  What I mean by this is just teach the facts .  I know religious zealots will fight this , but most of them have never heard “The Truth” of the history of their religions.

In my next post, I will be sharing some points about Christian History and will be asking you to add to them.  After this my next post will be about the History of Islam and after this Judaism.

Knowledge is Power !  We don’t have to do anything but report the truth .  This could be a catalyst to break the indoctrination which religion has gotten by with for 1000’s of years.  And how could the religious object to teaching about their religion in school ?

The Truth shall set you free

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22 thoughts on “Why bother ?

  1. Here is my approach towards kids and religion. If they go with their parents to church, sit with them, I don’t have a big problem. But, I do object to turning kids over to Sunday school teachers, Junior Church, youth group, Vacation Bible School, etc so they can be indoctrinated by others. Under no circumstances should a child be asked or forced into making a decision. I encourage my adult children to teach my grandchildren about the religions of the world. Exposure is good since most people are religious. When they are older, late teens and up, then they can rationally choose to believe or not believe,


  2. “The difference is , they are not indoctrinated with the story of Jolly Old Saint Nick through their adult lives. They are expected to question the story as they grow older and come to the realization that Jolly Old Saint Nick is nothing but a wonderful myth.”

    That is a tremendously important point to make.

    Ken, I just had a video suggested to me (3minutes), but as i’m not sure what your video-posting policy is may i ask your permission to lay it down here in the comments? It’s biblical, and its awesome.


    • By all means John. Feel free to post the video. I’m not sure how my settings are but I think you are able to do this. I would love to watch it !


    • Great video , John ! This certainly portrays accurately , the story of Israel, Islam and the Middle East. 🙂

      Unfortunately this video could still be played 100 years from now and be current. (If the religious zealots haven’t destroyed the planet by then)

      I think some short videos of Sam Harris might be something we could also use to educate the kiddies with. He comes across pretty cool and collected.


  3. I agree with you. The “History” taught in our public schools here in the States is on the fast track to myth-hood itself. The history of the Trail of Tears, for instance, and – at least here in the South – the history of the Civil War is being rewritten. It’s awful!


  4. If you haven’t already visited this site, The Skeptic’s Annotated Bible http://skepticsannotatedbible.com/mt/1.html is a great site for finding scripture by category . I mean categories like, Contradictions , Absurdities , Injustice , Cruelty , Violence , etc.


  5. I watched a movie last night, Charlie Wilson’s War.
    Highly recommend it.
    Point is, he is a senator from Texas trying to raise awareness and funds for Afghans fighting the Soviets ( as they were)

    In one scene someone in his office is complaining about protests over a Nativity scene in front of a Fire Station somewhere in Houston(?) and he says “Dammit , Charlie, this is a Christian country!”

    I hosed myself laughing, but this merely highlights the level of indoctrination and how it is allowed to flourish.

    But take heart….the internet is going take Religion down

    Good post, Ken

    Sixty hey? Are we having an Internet Birthday party? 🙂


    • Thanks Ark ! I am actually celebrating my 60th by taking my 2 daughters , their husbands and 3 grandsons to Maui, Hawaii . I told them all I wanted for my birthday was a little Hula Girl 🙂 I will be posting pictures (of Maui not the Hula girl) 🙂 We leave next Thursday for 10 days.

      You know what they say, “You can’t take it with you” . I am spending my children’s inheritance 🙂


  6. I had to laugh at this typo in your post: “to believe myths as fact from crypt to grave.”
    Well, either it is a typo or:
    (1) You are Buddhist or Hindu and believe in reincarnation. We are reborn from a crypt and end up in a grave once again.
    (2) You are a horrible pessimist: life is bookended by death.
    (3) You never knew the expression accurately: a mondegreen

    But I’m going to assume it was a typo made by your spell checker. 🙂


  7. My brain sometimes thinks ahead too much. When getting ready to type “crib” , I was already thinking about grave and typed “crypt”. Thanks for pointing that out. Glad I don’t do this professionally. 🙂


    • LOL
      NP, but the mistake let me have a fun cognitive romp. So thanx.
      What do you do professionally, may I ask.
      Speaking of which, your “About” page tells us precious little about you and I wager the details are fascinating. Maybe you could share more there or put links to posts that do share more.
      I wrote a few “Share Thyself” posts to help folks think about what to share philosophically/religiously/demographically … , maybe they’d be helpful.


    • BTW, your mistake may be even more convoluted (ah, the vagaries of the human mind):
      For the expression is “cradle to grave”, no “crib to grave”, yet alone “crypt to grave”.
      For fun, see frequencies of the expressions here at ngram.


  8. Depends on where you are from or where you have been. I’m sure the accurate saying is as you suggest. But “sayings” also tend to change with their surroundings.

    For instance, my family on my Father’s side is from Kentucky. They used the term “crib” rather than
    “cradle” .

    I will be happy to post more about me when time allows. At the moment I am in Maui celebrating my 60th birthday with my 2 daughters and their families.


    • Indeed, I write against linguistic prescriptivism all the time and agree with you totally on usage.
      If you checked out the link I bothered attaching for you, you see how huge the difference.
      But it is indeed fascinating what you share that in Kentucky-English, “crib” is used in that expression.

      Reminds me of the medical training I did in North Carolina where patients used these equivalents:
      Smilin’ Mighty Jesus = spinal meningitis
      weasles = measles
      mighty internal fart = myocardial infarc

      Dead serious — I heard these while I was down there.
      Enjoy your vacation.


  9. And while I was in Egypt visiting the Temple of Hatshepsut, it was “hot chicken soup” 🙂


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