It’s that time of year

It's that time of year again

It’s that time of year when Christians worldwide commemorate the Crucifixion , Death and Resurrection of their Savior Jesus. They think of the sacrifice their God made by sending his only Begotten Son to Earth to be crucified for the sin of mankind. My question to all Christians (as I used to be one) , did the Christian God really make that much of a sacrifice saving mankind from its sins ?

As the story goes, God sent his son (Jesus) to Earth
Jesus gets crucified
Jesus dies
3 days later Jesus is brought back to life
Jesus then gets returned to his Father (god) to live with him throughout eternity

Is this really a sacrifice ??? To me , a parent whose son or daughter goes off to war and dies for their country , never to be seen again is the “Ultimate Sacrifice”

Am I wrong here ?

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18 thoughts on “It’s that time of year

  1. Maybe the son didn’t know he would be resurrected and that was why it was a sacrifice. But wait, the son is also the father so he should have known the whole plan all along. And some of the books say that the son predicted that he’d be raised. Ok I guess we have to go with just symbolism then? Or maybe the sacrifice was only in the pain of the process? The whole story is a bit confusing anyways. Oh well.

    What an awesome picture you’ve added to the top of your blog. From your recent trip to Maui? You all look great!


  2. Thanks Howie !
    Yes this is me with my 2 daughters at a Luau in Maui for my birthday. Thanks for stopping by !


  3. Ah, Easter. That time when God sacrificed himself, to himself, to save humanity from himself.

    Love the new photo, Ken. Hawaii?


    • Exactly John ! But was it a real sacrifice ? If you get your kid back in 3 days and you get to live with him happily ever after, does this even compare with the sacrifices humans have endured since the begining of human existance ? I know so many Christians who make such a big deal over the hugh sacifice God made by allowing his son to die for us, when in reality he got him back in just 3 days.

      Thanks for the compliment. Yes these are my 2 married daughters with old dad (me) in Maui. 🙂


  4. Well, he did supposedly go to hell for us for those three days…


  5. I’ve been to Hell for 3 days too , at least once in my lifetime. Haven’t you ? 🙂


  6. At least he couldn’t bite his ”nails” for a few hours.


  7. Only you would have thought of that, Ark ! 🙂


  8. Jesus did what he wanted to do, and did not resist when others sought to kill him. By not meeting violence with violence, he ends the cycle of violence. He propitiates the wrath of man, not that of God. He therefore is an example for us to follow. This is my position, though when I first heard it from Richard Holloway, I thought, “But what about the letter to the Hebrews?”


  9. Thanks Clare for commenting here !

    “Jesus did what he wanted to do, and did not resist when others sought to kill him.”

    True, but I’m confused by your statement , “By not meeting violence with violence, he ends the cycle of violence.”

    Care to comment further ?


    • Not really, if I go into more detail it would be in a post of my own. I popped over because I saw you commenting on the Bigot’s site, and thought I would come say hello.


  10. I hope you do your own post on this. Thanks again Clare for stopping by.


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