Cruisin for Jesus

Last week I was on a Caribbean Cruise with my oldest brother, his wife and their son (who was my roomie).  My brother and I took our usual early morning walk after breakfast when he decided he wanted to sit for a while.  Next to us was a man and his wife.  The man started a casual conversation with us when 2 minutes into it he started throwing in Biblical Scripture.

I listened to his statements about his Christian Faith and would counter with scriptures of my own.  I could tell he was getting a little frustrated when I asked him why he was so certain his religion was the right one.  I told him had he grew up in Iraq he would probably be a Muslim today.  That’s when he told me he bought a Quran a few years ago.  He proceeded to tell me the difference between Christianity and Islam was that Islam was a religion of hate and that they believed in killing people who didn’t convert.

Much to his surprise , I proceeded to tell him that similar scriptures could be found in the OT of his Bible.  He challenged me to name one.  I took out my iPhone and within 1 minute I was able to give him 3 .   🙂    He knew he was in check and soon to be mate so he did what any good apologist would do.  He changed the conversation to Faith, grace and the New Testament.   He also said the OT wasn’t very relevant these days anyway.   I then told him he should tell that to a Muslim because they borrowed many OT scriptures and placed them in their Quran.   🙂

I am now reading Scott Adam’s , “The Religion War”.  He is the one who wrote , “God’s Debris”.   I know some of you are reading this.  Has anyone finished ?  Any comments ?

From the book, God’s Debris free download

Curious Bees
“Why do people have different religions?” I asked. “It
seems like the best one would win, eventually, and we’d all
believe the same thing.”
The old man paused and rocked. He tucked both hands inside his red plaid blanket.
“Imagine that a group of curious bees lands on the out- side of a church window. Each bee gazes upon the interior through a different stained glass pane. To one bee, the church’s interior is all red. To another it is all yellow, and so on. The bees cannot experience the inside of the church directly; they can only see it. They can never touch the interior or smell it or interact with it in any way. If bees could talk they might argue over the color of the interior. Each bee would stick to his version, not capable of understanding that the other bees were looking through different pieces of stained glass. Nor would they understand the purpose of the church or how it got there or anything about it. The brain of a bee is not capable of such things.
“But these are curious bees. When they don’t under- stand something, they become unsettled and unhappy. In the long run the bees would have to choose between permanent curiosity and uncomfortable mental state and delusion. The bees don’t like those choices. They would prefer to know the true color of the church’s interior and its purpose, but bee brains are not designed for that level of understanding. They must choose from what is possible, either discomfort or self-deception. The bees that choose discomfort will be unpleasant to be around and they will be ostracized. The bees that choose self-deception will band together to reinforce their vision of a red based interior or yellow-based interior and so on.”
“So you’re saying we’re like dumb bees?” I asked, trying to lighten the mood.
“Worse. We are curious.”

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3 thoughts on “Cruisin for Jesus

  1. Ken, the roving anti-apologist! Love it 🙂

    As far as any god hypothesis goes, God Debris is the most rationally satisfying, and has the added benefited (as with most eastern mythic traditions) of encouraging (if not demanding) right action on part of the individual. It’s not, therefore, an unhealthy belief, unlike the noxious bedrock underpinning the Abrahamic faiths.


    • I couldn’t agree more, John ! Maybe this could be “The Next Step” for those Abrahamic Believers who aren’t afraid to read outside their comfort zone.

      I have already challenged a few of my Christian Friends to read it.


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