Christian Blog Censorship Part II

This is most likely the rest of my exchange with citizen tom.
John Z was right.  This guy gets a little testy like many christians I know .

You are comparing Zande with Jesus and His Apostles? You are silly enough to equate being banned from my website with martyrdom? That is not even rational. What Jesus had to deal with is people who nailed Him to a cross, and all but one of His disciples died for the sake of His name. What Zande had to deal with is one word: goodbye.

Jesus and His disciples died for nothing more than speaking the honest truth. I banned Zande for spamming my website. He as much as confessed that is what he was doing. Moreover, the facts he posted and insisted upon calling incontrovertible are garbage. If you want his company, it is your choice, but I chose not to make it mine. I try not to make it my business to spread misinformation.


  • kcchief1 says:

    “You are silly enough to equate being banned from my website with martyrdom?”

    So if I make a statement you don’t agree with, I am automatically “silly” ? You missed the point entirely. I was comparing your definition of trolling to what Jesus and his disciples faced during their ministries 2,000 years ago.

    What I can say about John Zande is when I have made statements he disagreed with, he was more sensitive in his responses than you have been.


    • You elevate banning Zande from my website to crucifying Jesus, and then you complain I am calling you silly, that I am insensitive?

      I saw Zande from my point of view, not your point of view. I did not decide to ban Zande based upon what you have seen of him. I decided to ban Zande based upon what I saw of him.

      We each have the right to live according to the dictates of our own conscience. Does my exercise of my right to live according to the dictates of my conscience offends you? That is part of price we all pay for being allowed to exercise our own freedom of conscience. Other people make choices we do not like.

      Consider. I think your choice to pester me about Zande stupid. Shrug. I cannot make you walk in my shoes, but I still don’t have to apply your standards to my behavior, and that is basically what you are insisting I must do.


    • kcchief1 says:

      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      “You elevate banning Zande from my website to crucifying Jesus, and then you complain I am calling you silly, that I am insensitive?”

      I never said such thing. You continue to engage your mouth before taking the time to understand what I have said.

      It’s probably a good time to leave before you consider me a troll as well.
      Thank you again for allowing me to comment .

      kcchief1 says:

      “I still don’t have to apply your standards to my behavior, and that is basically what you are insisting I must do.”

      You’re missing the point again, Tom. They aren’t my standards. I thought you were a “Bible reading Christian”

      Now you can call me “silly”

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5 thoughts on “Christian Blog Censorship Part II

  1. The blogger simply ties himself up in knots. He has almost no integrity and when faced with the difficult questions he retreats to dogma and afterwards banning. But then goes on for goodness knows how many words trying to justify it!
    It is such a worn out procedure. And the groupies all pile on with such gems as ‘god haters’, ‘liberals’, trolls, and ‘leftist’.
    It’s a wonder sometimes how they managed to actually sign up for blog in the first place?
    Perhaps they got their Pastor to do it for them?


    • I have witnessed your civility to those you disagree with until they prove to you that logic and reason have no place in their belief system. And then the gloves come off. 🙂

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  2. Good for you for trying, Ken. Tom’s world is not only tremendously shallow, but exceptionally narrow, and he’s demonstrated that he doesn’t take kindly to awkward fact-based inputs. What is interesting is his rather odd (made-up) justifications which he tells himself over and over again. How does the saying go? If you tell a lie long enough…


  3. John, I just finished reading your initial exchange with / at Colorstorm’s Blog including the chiming in from Citizen Tom.

    They couldn’t defend any of their positions. Their answers were the result of indoctrination to the extreme.

    Essentially, they were chastising you for confusing them with facts. When I made my initial comments over at Citizen Tom’s, I couldn’t have been more respectful and yet, right at the start his comments begin with how silly I am and that my comparisons of banning you & Ark with the martyrdom of Jesus and his disciples (which I never made) were stupid.

    I cringe at their use of “faith” and equating it with truth. I have faith therefore it must be true. Why should I find this disturbing ? Because there are people of power who live in countries where there are weapons of mass destruction , who have faith that what they believe in must be true and are willing to use their power to initiate a self fulfilling prophesy .


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