Citizen Tom defends his blog

I have been doing a series on my interactions with Citizen Tom and some of his commentors. Tonight Citizen Tom had enough and decided it was time to put me in my place.  Here

Tom felt it necessary to do a smear campaign on me like he has done to others lately but I think it was for different reasons.

I engaged one of his blog followers, Matthew who actually paid me a compliment.   “You are clever, Chief. I like that. 😉 I would say touché but that depends on what words and deeds will be displayed in the movie.”

That’s all it took.  His ego could not allow this to continue.  It was his sandbox , but other kids were getting the attention.

Tom was so infuriated that he decided to do an entire blog about me.  He makes lots of accusations but doesn’t provide proof of them. I think Ark and John Z can attest to this.   And then he decided to smear one of the sources of my comments, world renown Jesus expert, Geza Vermes. You can read about his credentials here.  First he points out that Vermes was a Jew !  WOW !  I wonder if he knew Jesus was a Jew too !  Then the ultimate smear that we have all heard professing Christians like Tom make, DRUM ROLL !  “It is also likely that Vermes conversion to Christianity never was sincere.”

I feel sorry for people like Tom .  I really do. You always have to look over your shoulder living in a glass house .

What I believe his readers will say about me even though most didn’t agree with what I had to say is this.  I was respectful .  Yes, I was stirring the pot to get certain people to think about what they were saying, but in a respectful way.

Tom says this in his “Code of Ethics”     “4. I will avoid personal attacks or unfair characterizations of the subjects of my published works and the readers who offer comments.”

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5 thoughts on “Citizen Tom defends his blog

  1. He is a major bigoted Dickhead, with little integrity and precious little else to recommend him. His snide comment about democrats in one of his opening comment is evidence of this.
    I truly cannot understand how some Americans can try to seamlessly weave their fundamentalist christian beliefs into their politics?
    I had someone yesterday tell me:

    All lefty gun control nuts deal in lies, 100 percent of the time. If you really don’t get it, click on the links

    Is this truly how it is in the states?


  2. Gun control in America really doesn’t exist. Most of the gun laws take effect after someone illegally uses a gun.

    I believe in the right to own a gun. However …… I also believe in the right for everyone the ability to drive a car or pilot a commercial airliner. The difference is, there are no educational requirements to own a gun in most states. If you can afford one, you can buy one. Driving a car requires drivers training and passing a test. Being an airline pilot requires hundreds of hours of training and many tests.

    What do all 3 have in common ? People can kill other people with guns, cars, and yes piloting airplanes into the Alps killing 149 other people. Education does not prevent 100% of the time, but education can reduce these situations dramatically.

    Therefore, why not require extensive education and training in order to own a gun? I own several guns which are all locked and safely out of the reach of anyone. I had a father who took the time to educate me in gun safety.

    I have no problem with the video of the gun shop except, you could easily have a car dealership where all of the used cars were driven by drunk drivers who killed people with them. Do you stop selling all cars ?


  3. Ken, I think you can now see why I followed Tom’s attempt to answer my original question… Which, I remind you, he raised on his blog by posting a hunk of my work, which led me to believe he was willing to discuss it. I was mistaken, but it was telling to see Tom eventually fail to actually answer the question.

    Tom is an odd man with a frightfully blinkered perspective on “reality.” This is perfectly displayed here, in this comment:

    Citizen Tom says:
    March 27, 2015 at 10:42 pm
    Thank you. No one except unemployed Democrats has much free time these days (Unemployed Republicans keep busy looking for a job.). 😉

    Clearly, beyond even his religious delusions, he is an irrational man. He does not deal in the “real world” where evidence takes precedence. He’s your typical Fox News viewer. He manufactures a “reality” that is appealing to him then develops lies to make it seem like that world is true. By itself, there is enough confusion in our friend Tom to keep all of Vienna’s psychiatrists busy for a lifetime 😉


  4. I totally understand where you are coming from John ! I just made my final comment on Tom’s Blog as it was inevitable he was on his way to banning me. I kept killing him with kindness which made him even more furious.

    One of his followers, Matthew wasn’t helping matters by paying me compliments for challenging him. Isn’t that part of blogging ? Challenging not censoring like what was done to you.

    And then a voice of reason by the name of Scout also weighed in on the situation.

    Tom like other “Christians on Steroids” need to learn that challenging doesn’t always equal attacking.

    Oh BTW if you read some of Tom’s new comments, he negates anything I’ve said because I associate with you and Ark !

    It’s amazing the hypnotic effect you and Ark can have on bloggers ! 🙂


    • Scout is indeed a voice of reason. He gave Tom no end of grief regarding me, informing him i was only ever polite and was asking question that needed to be answered. Great bloke.

      Yeah, I read the comments and had to giggle at your “How incriminating!” 🙂


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