You drank from our well, so you must die !

Asia Bibi (pictured) has languished in a Pakistani prison cell for five years and is now so weak she cannot walk

I just read an article about a Christian Woman in Pakistan who has been sentenced to death by hanging because  1.) She drank water from a well used exclusively by Muslims   2.) she is accused by the Muslim women who saw her drink from this well of blaspheming Muhammad .  You can read the article here .

I think the world has been exposed to this type of religious insanity so much the past few years that we are no longer shaken by it.  It will when it happens close to you !

No one in power appears to have an answer for this madness .

Do you ?  I would love to read some comments here .

Be well and as John Zande says, ” May Veles be with you”  🙂

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13 thoughts on “You drank from our well, so you must die !

  1. Well, you don’t want the Slavic god of wealth, musicians and mischief against you, do you?

    Ken, on another note, check this out. It’s a new live earth streaming video service. Always a great way to put things in perspective.


  2. Thanks John ! I have several bookmarks of favorite live streaming videos around the world. I will bookmark this one as well !


  3. mike and brandy

    in Pakistan. our ‘ally’ the war on terror. I bet the current admin says nothing…


  4. Probably pales in comparison to the Roman Catholic European Theocracy during the Middle Ages.

    Pakistan is a theocracy. It won’t change under a theocracy.


    • Thanks for sharing Victoria ! I didn’t mean to single out Islam. Many religions have been guilty of this insanity. Christianity has a sick history of this for sure .


      • Ken, I didn’t see it as you singling out Islam. I was simply making a point that nothing will change under a theocracy. I suspect they will come out of it in a similar way Europe did. I read elsewhere that Pakistan is at the forefront of Islamic countries wrestling with how its constitutional commitment to the Muslim faith can be reconciled with freedom of expression. Things are stirring there but it’s become radicalized in recent years. I think that’s going to change.


  5. Don’t you just love religion?
    There is a saying that people get the government they deserves.
    I suspect there is an element of truth in this.


  6. Unfortunately you are so right !


  7. Yes it does Victoria. Its funny how most Christians aren’t even aware these same laws are also in the OT.


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