Why we don’t witness Miracles

I was channel surfing this morning and happened upon a TV Preacher , Dr. Tony Evans. Have you noticed most tv preachers now are either Dr’s ,  Bishops or Prophets ?   He was explaining why most people do not experience miracles.  His sermon topic was the life of the prophet Elijah.  Because I have a satellite dvr, I was able to back up and get this quote exactly.  He stated, ” The amount of the supernatural you get to see, will be directly related to the level of your spiritual commitment” .

My late father was a professing Christian but he was always skeptical of the supernatural , especially miracles.  I remember one time a friend of my father told him how real the devil was and that he fought with him every day.  I later asked my father if he believed his friend truly saw the devil ?  He told me that if you look for something hard enough, you most likely will find it.  He went on to say as an example, if you believe in ghosts, you will most likely see one.

I think we are all guilty of wanting to believe something so badly that in our minds, it becomes so.  We all have in our possession a little tool called “reason” .   Some use it frequently.  Others tend to put it back in the tool box for special occasions .

One of our Christian bloggers from “Down Under” has posted articles about miracles on several occasions.  He has cited studies which claim millions of people have witnessed miracles.  Remembering what my Father told me has shed a new light on this subject……..

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10 thoughts on “Why we don’t witness Miracles

  1. mike

    ” The amount of the supernatural you get to see, will be directly related to the level of your spiritual commitment”

    Ah… now we understand. Seems to me a great way to ‘prove’ that miracles not happening or being observed is not God’s fault, but ours for not being faithful enough… Bovine Excrement. -mike


    • Always has to be a scapegoat, and in the evangelical mind, that excuse is always the person.


      • mike

        so, god is not really a ‘person’ in the same way we are? interesting… I have to think about that. well, no. maybe I shouldn’t. that leads to ideas and conclusions and … bad things happening. thanks John 🙂

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      • Great point John. And why is it our fault ? Simply because we were born ? Only a “Omnimalevolent Creator” could devise such a plan. Eh ? 🙂

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  2. Excellent Apologetic answer ! 🙂


  3. We’re very clever at seeing agency in nature.

    Maybe we can create a little magic, we can throw the odds in our favour always by focusing intently on any problem.


  4. mike

    remember, it was our fault that the ‘curse’ of imperfection was thrown on the earth. but wait, who put the tree there? who allowed the serpent into the garden? why put the tree right in the middle rather than outside the garden if He didn’t want us to eat? how ’bout the verse in the NT that says “God doesn’t tempt anyone to evil”?
    I know… too many questions, too much thinking… gotta get ‘Back’ to to my self flaggelation exercises… “Spiky Yoga” is all the rage since the “Hot Yoga” classes have been delayed.


  5. “The amount of the supernatural you get to see, will be directly related to the level of your spiritual commitment”

    Such cruel words with potentially devastating consequences. I recently watched a Derren Brown video on Youtube titled “Miracles for Sale”.

    I have it queued to 32m13s. You only need to watch it to 34m46s, just a little over 2 minutes.

    It makes me sick to my stomach when I think about how many people have been harmed, even died because of teachings like Tony Evans.


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