“That conclusion works for me”

I have been blogging for about 3 years.  Many of my comments have been made on Christian Blogs.  I have used scripture as well as wiki and peer reviewed material to support my claims or to refute other’s.  My good friend Ark today shared of his exchange with a Christian Blogger by the name of Ufuomaee .  What made me take notice was how Ark and Arch were peppering Ufuomaee with a lot of facts which she seemed to ignore.  The pinnacle of this exchange came when I made the following comment to Arch,  “Arch, I believe she is trying to tell us that facts play no part in her belief system. Therefore it is pointless to use them here.”    To which she responded, “That conclusion works for me.”

Did she make this statement just to shut us up or can she really say this with a straight face ?

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18 thoughts on ““That conclusion works for me”

  1. The power of indoctrination never ceases to amaze me.

    I think she meant it.


  2. I think you’re right Victoria ! And of course those who have been indoctrinated are usually in complete denial . And she is certain she possess ” the truth”


    • indeed. She’s got the “Holy Spirit” and we all just don’t understand — can’t understand. As sad as it is that fundamentalism can take the brain captive, I still get somewhat tickled when I hear this robotic rhetoric because they don’t get that many if not most of us fell under the same spell at one time..


  3. I have had someone tell me with a straight face that science had no bearing on determining the truth of anything. Yes, it can be said with a straight face, and others will commend them for doing so. Nobody will see the irony in using a computer to denounce science.


  4. Sad but true sirius. Thanks for your comment. I enjoyed your comments at your blog concerning David Barton as well !


  5. Nice one… Would you argue with a Frenchman who made it his mission to teach you English? Don’t you think you’d take an out from his class if one was presented?


  6. Believe it or not there are probably a fair number of French people who could teach the English a thing or two about their own language. A great many English are, in fact, some of the most appalling examples of English Speakers. And as for understanding their own language! I won’t even go there.

    It is a similar scenario with religion. Take Christianity for example. The average atheist could knock spots off the average Christian when it comes to knowledge of and understanding Christianity and this includes the bible.
    Most christians are generally woefully ignorant about their own religion and even more so about the bible; its history and compilation. Christians who begin to seriously question their religion and the bible are invariably setting themselves on the path to non-belief. Ask a deconvertee!
    And this is what those in charge wish to avoid at all costs.Hence indoctrination. What are you ”warned ” against for non compliance?

    Not a box of chocolates and a warm glass of milk. Eternal torture in a fiery pit. Oh, yes, this is love all right!
    And to compound your guilt all blames rest with you. Just because your God Yahweh/Jesus created this Hell for non believers doesn’t mean he is responsible. No sir. This fault lies entirely with you.
    As your god declares in no uncertain terms: Worship me or I will torture you for eternity – because I love you.

    This is what indoctrination is for, and this is why people like Ken are no longer Christian: They woke up to reality.

    So it might be relevant for me to say to you: ”Hey! Sleepy head. Rise and shine!”

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    • You have given it the “old college try” Ark. She is a delightful, educated, articulate woman who chooses not to be confused with the facts. I compare this to a Presidential debate where one candidate accuses the other candidate of countless charges and the other candidate says, “yes you are right, I am everything you accuse me of and honored to be so” Where does one go from there ?


  7. Facts don’t matter at all to evangelicals. That’s what separates them from, say, Catholics. Albeit slowly, Catholics (the “Church,” that is) absorb new information and adjust their belief accordingly. Here, the Big Bang becomes Creation, and Evolution becomes God’s guiding hand, but the “soul” is reserved fro men. The story adjusts. Evangelicals don’t have this flexibility, and that’s what makes them so utterly baffling.

    In the Age of Information Ignorance is a Choice.


    • “In the Age of Information Ignorance is a Choice”

      Very true John. She is an educated , articulate woman who claims her conversion took place out of choice. She readily admits that facts don’t matter. There’s really not much people can discuss who stop by her blog unless they are like her. 🙂

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      • And this is where the grand conspiracy theories are birthed. For their worldview to make sense they have to believe everyone, everywhere, across university campuses and research institutes spread across the globe, are all conspiring together. The thought is madness personified, but it takes that kind of madness to maintain their position.

        Apart from that, how’s the summer treating you up there?


    • And where once masturbation made you blind and glasses were a sign of obvious guilt, we now have contact lenses and laser surgery.
      Bless the Church.

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  8. The Summer here has been hot & humid which is typical for the middle of the USA. I bought a Winter home in Southern Florida this year and have been going there once a month to do some work. Since it is 1100 miles closer to the Equator , it’s even worse there. LOL But it will be pleasant this Winter .

    How is your Winter in Brazil ?


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