I am not an advocate of same sex marriage

I am not an advocate of same sex marriage.  THERE !  I SAID IT !   BUT, I will defend their legal right to do it !  I can blame it on my previous life as an indoctrinated Christian, or I can just fess up and say as a heterosexual , I don’t understand it.  But as an evolutionary being, I have come a long way.  I support the right of same sex individuals to marry because I am a supporter of law.  And I also believe everyone is entitled to be happy as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others.  I don’t see any infringement here.

I consider myself a fiscal conservative and a social moderate.  Big deal !  🙂  Though most of my family and many of my friends are Christians, they are on the wrong side of the issue in Kentucky.  Kim Davis is an elected official.  She did not fulfill her duties. This is why she went to jail. She is entitled to her religious beliefs as long as they do not infringe on the rights of others.  Didn’t I just say this in the previous paragraph ?  🙂

I don’t like people who call other people names who don’t agree with them (with the exception of Ark)(LOL) so I won’t.  I will go on record and say that Mike Huckabee and Ted Cruz are on the wrong side of the fence on this issue and I am being polite in how I say it.

Your thoughts ?

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9 thoughts on “I am not an advocate of same sex marriage

  1. mike

    I weird enough to say that the Constitution has absolutely nothing to say about marriage at all.
    The problem as I see it is, the state’s took the perogative, correctly so under the 10th and 11th amendment, but then the federal government enforced equal access under the 14th.
    Had the state’s not taken ownership and administration of something that was not even their right to govern, the federal government would have been obliged to stay out of it too.
    No government has a right to administrate or legislate what is or is not legitimate marriage. Hetero or same sex.
    Now that’s extreme, wouldn’t you say?


  2. mike

    I am an advocate, however, for marriage.


  3. “No government has a right to administrate or legislate what is or is not legitimate marriage.”

    The Jews practiced Polygamy throughout the OT. Where did Abraham receive the right to marry Haggar when he already had a wife, Sarah ? Where did King David receive the right to have 4 – 6 wives simultaneously ? Or King Solomon who had 700 wives ?

    Some religions condone men marrying 9 year old girls.

    Are all types of marriages exempt from Government control ?


  4. BTW, I always appreciate your opinion Mike.


  5. Did you see how Chris Christie responded to it? He’s going to end up getting knocked out of the race because of his comments because he’s not chomping at the bit like Cruz or Huckabee.

    Since marriage equality has been achieved, I don’t think advocacy is much of an issue anymore. Instead, it’s now an issue of letting the people who are angry about it calm down and face the idea that nobody’s going to get struck by lightning, floods, or plagues because of it.


  6. Honestly, I really couldn’t care either way. It’s a piece of paper for the state. For the people involved its something more meaningful. If it means equality of rights (like tax advantages) then so be it.


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