Are there discrepancies in the Bible Part II

During my last post, “Are there discrepancies in the Bible” I was engaged by consoledreader and he challenged me with a different way to read the Bible.  He says, “A point I continually try to make in these types of discussions is that we’re not limited to the two choices of fundamentalist theist approaches versus atheist approaches, but we can also strive for a literary approach.”

After doing a little research and reading this article , I think consoledreader is on to something here.  🙂     Thank you !

Your thoughts ?

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4 thoughts on “Are there discrepancies in the Bible Part II

  1. Absolutely… If only people approached it this way and appreciated it (it’s good parts, at least) in much the same way we appreciate Aesop’s tales.


  2. I don’t think it should be much of a surprise to be able to read the Bible in a literary context; we do the same for Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey. A literary reading takes into account that the work is fictional as well as true ideas being expressed. Everyone would probably be doing this if there weren’t people who actually thought the entire collection of books was literally true.


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