Donald Trump and unkleE

First of all, I am not a Donald Trump Fan.  Neither am I a Hillary Fan.  I find them both deplorable for different reasons.  Having said these things, I find it very disturbing when someone , especially of a certain faith, feels they possess an ability to discern someone else’s faith.

Those of you who frequent Nate’s blog, Finding Truth, probably know of one unkleE who professes to be a Christian.  On Nate’s most recent post, Not Surprising at All, unkleE decides to weigh in on American Christians and Donald Trump.  “As a christian, I’m particularly disturbed to think that so many christians in the US are so naive as to think that Trump is a christian and has christian values – or even decent values.”

I am willing to concede unkleE could be correct.  What disturbs me is that “As a Christian” , he believes he is able to discern Donald Trump’s values and his sincerity as a Christian.

He no longer engages me though I have always been respectful to him.  I was a little harsh in my response to his statement about Trump, “I don’t like Hillary or Trump, but how are you able to discern who is Christian and who is not ? What separates your ability to do this from an Isis leader to determine 137 people in Paris should have died last November ?”

unkleE is not the only Christian who thinks they are able to discern which candidate God is endorsing .  The unfortunate part of this election, whoever wins, those Christians will feel they were right all along and that God’s favor prevailed .  Reminds me of the book I recently finished, “Constantine’s Bible”.  Because Constantine asked the Christian God to help him win a battle, the world was changed forever.


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6 thoughts on “Donald Trump and unkleE

  1. Of course you know I’m not a Christian (anymore), but I do agree with unkleE on this one. He welcome to speak for himself, of course, but I read him as saying that “as a Christian”, he’s disturbed about other Christians’ perception of Trump – not that being a Christian gives him any particular insight re Trump’s character.

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  2. As an Australian, I apologise for UnkleE… And Ken Ham. Ray Comfort, however, is a Kiwi, so don’t try and lump me with him.

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  3. “but I read him as saying that “as a Christian”, he’s disturbed about other Christians’ perception of Trump – not that being a Christian gives him any particular insight re Trump’s character.”

    Where does unkleE get this knowledge that Trump is not a Christian, ratamacue0 ? He plainly states that there are millions of US Christians who are naive enough to think that Trump is a Christian.

    He’s not claiming Trump is not qualified to be President. He’s simply claiming Trump is not a Christian. That’s the problem I have with his statement.

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