Beware, The Infidel

I enjoy listening to Shortwave Radio .  In the morning while having my first cup of coffee, I listen to ABC (Australian Broadcast Company) .  Evenings it could be the BBC, Voice of Turkey or Radio Romania.  I like to hear the news as portrayed outside the USA (where I live)  I’m curious of how the rest of the World feels about us.

This morning making the news in Australia’s ABC is the Governor’s race in Jakarta, Indonesia. While predominantly Muslim, a Christian seems to be leading the race there.  It seems as though the Muslim Clerics are furious about this.  As far as this race is concerned, it boils down to religious affiliation only in the eyes of the Clerics.

Cleric Alwi Wahid says,  “Be careful on the judgement day — God will ask you, why did you choose the infidel as the leader, while I have warned you not to. Believers should not choose a non-Muslim as their leader,”.  You can read more about this here .

Unfortunately this same thing is occurring here in the US Presidential Race.  I have heard many of my Christian friends tell me there is a clear choice in this race.  Trump.  Really ???  Because he has made some appearances with hi profile TV Preachers they are convinced God has chosen Trump.  Here is an example.

During my last post here and also a comment I made over at Nate’s, I tried to express my concern about people who are more concerned about a candidate’s religion than their ability to lead our country.  I have Christian friends though being very devout couldn’t lead their way out of a paper bag.  I think this applies in all religions.

I have been a businessman for many years and have hired 100’s of employees.  Not once have I ever asked them about their religious affiliation.  I hired them based on their experience and ability to do the work.  This model has served me very well.  I suggest we do the same when we choose people for public office.



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4 thoughts on “Beware, The Infidel

  1. Unfortunately, elections for the last few decades have been more about image and propaganda and what each side can fool the American people into believing about their candidate and the other

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  2. Australia recently had an openly atheist PM, Gillard. Want to know how many words were generated about this during the campaign? Precisely zero. Not a peep, not a mention.

    Surprisingly, even Dilma (recently impeached) here in the giant religious wedding cake that is Brazil is atheist and no one raised the issue at all during her two campaigns.

    It’s the way it should be.

    That being said, I do hope someone asks the Creationist, Penn, “How old is the earth/universe?” in the VP debate. His type of lunacy has to be exposed.

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    • Well said John ! My Cardiologist happens to be Muslim. When I asked my General Doctor for a recommendation, I didn’t ask who the most devout Christian there was, I asked who the best Cardiologist was.

      I think we need to focus more on qualifications and less on other things.

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  3. If the President/Prime Minister of any country was hired based on business ethics and acumen and had a six monthly review I wonder how many would last a year in office?
    In fact, I wonder how many would actually get hired?

    I read somewhere that Branson said he would never run for office.

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