Israel….God’s Chosen ?

Even when I was a believing Christian, I often wondered, is Israel really ” God’s Chosen People ” ?   My parents had 6 children.  Had they publicly announced that I was their “chosen child” , wouldn’t that have created a lot of animosity among the other siblings?  Of course it would !  It would be a very foolish thing for a parent to do !

And yet, according to the Christian Bible, that’s exactly what their God did.  He announced to the World the Jews were his “chosen children”.   And why would an Omniscient Omnipotent God do something so foolish ?

The Huffington Post did an article about this very subject which I found interesting.  They start out by saying, “There are few concepts in religion that are more emotionally loaded and more misunderstood.”

I read a post yesterday over at Freedom Through Empowerment about “Thoughts on Jerusalem“.  Tricia seems to be a thoughtful Christian Blogger who shows respect for those who disagree with her views.  I told her I would probably be doing a post based on her post.  I intend to show her the same respect she has shown me.

On her recent trip to Israel she says,  “My visit there has convinced me more than ever that you can’t fully comprehend what’s going on in the the world unless you understand the formation of Israel by God, the designation of its people as chosen and the importance of protecting them from extinction.  How the World treats Israel is a direct reflection of it’s spiritual and moral health, which could use some help right now.”

The Huffington Post goes on to say, “The Jewish concept of the “Chosen People” is not a badge of superiority and separation. Quite the contrary: Jewish chosenness is a humble call to action and responsibility. Jews are chosen much as one may say to a child: “The room needs cleaning, and I choose you to do the work; you are my ‘chosen’ child.” In this way, all people are chosen for something. Jews specifically have been chosen to, or have chosen to, be of service to others so that the world may be a more just place.”

In Tricia’s Comments Section , blogger Colorstorm says, “But you are dead right. There is no understanding of prophecy apart from the apple of God’s eye.
And btw, people gripe that the US is irrelevant in the plan of God………..!  Uh hello? I will bless them that bless thee……………………..Being a friend of Israel is a pretty good idea. Makes sense to be on good terms with the Creator.”

If The Huffington Post is correct in saying, “Jews specifically have been chosen to, or have chosen to, be of service to others so that the world may be a more just place” , how is this working for them and their Middle East Neighbors ?  When Tricia says, “How the World treats Israel” ,  I would say how Israel treats the World is also important.

Your thoughts ?

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5 thoughts on “Israel….God’s Chosen ?

  1. Tribal gods will always be tribal gods. To think otherwise is the height of silliness.

    I mean, isn’t it remarkable that the high priest, Hilkiah, miraculously found the “ancient” books of the Torah (the scroll of the law, the Sefer Torah) hidden in a wall, telling a fantastic tale of how his Kingdom, Judah, was in fact the center of the Jewish world… just after Israel had been sacked by the Assirians in 722 BCE?

    As for Israel, they better act quickly on the two-state solution, or being a Jewish “democracy” will be impossible in 10-20 years.

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  2. Nice post kcchief and I appreciate the link up. I don’t agree obviously but I can appreciate the sentiment behind it.

    Religion (or lack of) is always an interesting thing to ponder because the meaning of it, the teachings behind it and its relevance (if any), always depend on the perspective of the people doing the pondering.

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  3. I was the “chosen one” between my siblings, too, but my parents had sense enough to not show partiality. I didn’t learn about this until I was well into adulthood.

    “how is this working for them and their Middle East Neighbors ?”

    They’ve never been at peace. If Yahweh is all-knowing, this speaks volumes.

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  4. Great point Victoria . Thanks for sharing !


  5. Hi chief-

    I agree with your assessment of tricia. Rock solid, well balanced, and fair minded,

    I would add that her post re. Israel and Jerusalem are in line with scripture and God’s promises. After all, the law was not given to the Chinese, nor the Aussies, it was given through Moses, whereby all mankind would know the one and only living God.

    And yes, the existence of Israel is a miracle I may say. So yes, while Jerusalem is under daily strife, it will once more be not only the city of David, but the city of the great King. Why? Because it is also the place where was ushered in the grace of God. Rather significant to say the least.

    And btw, tks for the honorable mention!!


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