Along came DNA

I have always had an interest in my family roots.  My maternal grandfather came to America from Germany when he was 6.  I have been able to visit the German village where he was born and see the record of his birth and baptism kept in a 750 year old church.

My paternal grandfather was born in Kentucky and lived to be 104 years old.  We also have a documented trail of his lineage.

I have spent 100’s of hours gathering this “evidence” which I was convinced cast in stone our family’s heritage.  Then along came dna.  I had a dna test about 3 years ago.  When the results came back they showed matches I shared with other people’s dna.  The only problem was the last names of these people were not the same as my last name.  So I had another dna test performed by a different company.  Again I wasn’t finding any names that I could trace to mine.  I was so convinced of my family records that not once did I consider my ancestors might not be who I thought they were.  Why ?  Because I had so much historical evidence for my family  but NOT for the individual players.

It wasn’t until a few months ago with the help of someone who knows a lot more about dna than I , that I understood the scientific evidence before me had destroyed all of the 100’s of hours of research and the 100’s of documents which I thought was concrete evidence for my existence .

With this scientific evidence (dna) and the database of the millions of other dna tests, I was able to discover “The Truth” .  My paternal Grandmother had my Father with a man other than my Grandfather.

I had been indoctrinated with my parents’ version of the Christian religion and my de-conversion took almost a decade for me to realize it was a myth.  With scientific dna, it still took nearly 3 years for my eyes to be opened to the real truth of my lineage.  Was I this dense ? Some of you might think so   🙂    I would like to think I had convinced myself with historical evidence and this was the reason I never considered another scenario .

I think people of faith also believe the evidence they are given as “historical” is so convincing and/or comforting to them, they have no reason to consider anything else .  Science keeps chipping away at these stories .  The more people embrace science the faster this process will happen.



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25 thoughts on “Along came DNA

  1. “I think people of faith also believe the evidence they are given as “historical” is so convincing and/or comforting to them, they have no reason to consider anything else.”

    Ken, when you shared this with me about 2 months ago, I didn’t think the timing was right to tell you that I thought the same thing. It’s a great analogy, and I admire you for sharing something, that I know was shocking (and perhaps a sense of betrayal), and blending it with a message that will (hopefully) make people think.

    As an aside, an analysis was done to see which word had been put in search engines the most in 2016. Turns out, the term was “surreal.” It couldn’t be more fitting, eh?

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  2. Interesting story, Ken! (Aren’t they always??) 😉
    Hubby’s sister had the DNA test done, as someone in the family claims that there are native people in the lineage. She did genealogy on the family for over 25 years, and not once did that come up. Well, the DNA tests suggest that there are no native ancestors, (as she suspected) but she tells me that the more siblings who have it done, the more ‘blank spaces’ get filled in. She was amazed at the results and gets emails from others in the family lineage who are also filling in the family trees. She says it’s really quite interesting. Hers was as she suspected, and she had known many of the ancestors for years, having done extensive genealogy on both sides(her parents’). Her husband’s turned out to be a real surprise, however, as his traces back to the Acadians here in NS, who were expelled in 1755.
    Always something new to learn, eh?
    Enjoy those grandchildren of yours – ours are just about as excited as they can be. . . I’m really glad they are not mine to have to ‘control’. .. 🙂

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  3. At your request chief, I read your referral.

    Sorry to report that God’s word will remain long after every theologian and scientist will have lived and died.

    But you should at least thank God for creating the eye…… you can read this. The Creator of dna, by the way, is quite capable of maintaining His own records.

    The genealogies are a killer to atheism.


    • Thanks for at least stopping by to read my post , CS. Not sure you removed your Christian Blinders first but at least you read it. 🙂

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      • Yeah, that post on the ‘faults’ of the genealogies is but one more weak attempt at maligning scripture through a series of myopic observations.

        Right, the gospel writer Matthew was a liar, sez the author.

        ‘Why would a divinely inspired writer lie………………’ Ha! You could only wish this were true.

        And herein reveals the genius of God and His word. The author who you applaud has not looked long and hard enough to see why his complaints are faulty. He has stopped short because of mere bias.

        His claims of ‘errors’ have been dismissed by serious students across the globe. His arguments are borrowed and old.

        But the big one that reveals the blatant egregiousness of casting aspersion on God’s word? Citing the gospel writer Matthew as a liar.

        I have no tolerance nor patience to waste time on such theatrical antics.

        Here’s a word that is conveniently missing from the atheist narrative: Nathan. Now go study.


        • “I have no tolerance nor patience to waste time on such theatrical antics.” says CS, who then tolerates and wastes time on kcchief’s post. . . 😉

          Happy Holidays, CS!

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          • No carm, you must have missed the ‘theatrical antics’ of the mind numbing atheist, who thinks an owl dreamed up a plan to create itself so he could be king of the darkness having never seen darkness, nor having a clue what it means to fly.

            Theatrical antics is far too polite. I’ll borrow a word from my friend SoM here: the hallucinating mind of the atheist can use a reset.


        • Here’s a fact for you CS. “About 29,000 children under the age of five – 21 each minute – die every day, mainly from preventable causes.”

          Celebrate that on Christmas Day


          • What is more amazing chief, is not the amount of people who die as a consequence of defective dna, aka, sin,

            …but the amount of people who give their lives for misfits. What say you as to a man giving his perfect heart to a criminal with heart disease so he can live?

            Celebrate that on Christmas.


            • @ CS, “What is more amazing chief, is not the amount of people who die as a consequence of defective dna, aka, sin,”

              Really CS ? Are you really saying these 29,000 children who die each day die as a consequence of defective dna, aka, sin ?

              What else are you able to rationalize through your religion ? Maybe the Holocaust ? The Crusades ?


              • Until you claim your sinnership in the human race, sorry, but you will never understand.

                The defect was a play on words chief, but the ramifications are not.

                But to your point, the Holocaust was ministered by bastard monsters, as are all senseless killings, such as the murder of the unborn.


  4. “The genealogies are a killer to atheism.”

    Really ! You need to read or re-read Nate’s Post on Jesus’ Genealogy


  5. CS, you are always quick to make many accusations but where is your evidence ? Peer reviewed papers ? Books ? Archaeological evidence ?


  6. Peer reviewed? Sure.

    The book of Daniel.
    The Acts
    The book of Romans should settle any gripes once and for all, which logic has been used in many a school as a primer for law and debate. (do your own research)

    Books? Sure

    ‘Old Testament Bible History’ by the incomparable Austrian Jew Dr. Alfred Edersheim,as well as ‘The life and times of Jesus the Messiah,’ which answers all the bitchin by Nate.

    Archaeological Evidence? Sure.

    They are called mountains, oceans, rivers, canyons, deserts. Then there are the temple stones at Jerusalem

    Then there is the gold under the earth, and earthquakes, hurricanes, take your pick.

    But I like personally hailstones. But I like snow even more, which is gentle reminder of the goodness of God.


  7. “Until you claim your sinnership in the human race, sorry, but you will never understand.”

    Why didn’t Jesus claim his sinnership ? His Mother was human .

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  8. Ah but chief, NOW you are onto the dilemma of the ages………..but explained perfectly through scripture. That is exactly the point.

    The word of God says the son of God was MADE sin…………so indeed He claimed His sinnership as no other human could do, both as God fully divine, and man fully human.

    This is what the genealogies prove: that He lived, had a lineage as David’s greater’s son, but also as David’s Lord.

    How can David’s son be David’s Lord? was asked by individuals wrestling with their own misunderstandings. But then, like today, they received not that word as it was quite incriminating to their comfort.

    The book of Hebrews covers this perfectly. But you ask a fair question.


    • Can you explain his lineage to David ? Through his Father or his Mother ?


      • Yep.

        Matthew and Luke answer both.
        There is a nugget of wealth regarding Joseph in the text as to Christ:

        ‘……..being as supposed the son of Joseph………..’

        Love that: as supposed. The divine parenthesis to stress the point that He had no earthly father, yet perfectly consistent with the legalities of Joseph’s pedigree.

        And as a note to your other guest, the troublemaker the littlestonegod, yeah, he who drives wedges into other peoples conversations, he would be more honest to say that I delete his vulgar comments entirely.

        What is unusual is that 9/10’s of his crap gets to stay.

        Vulgar? Yes, as in pornography which any mother or father with an ounce of sanity would reject.

        I know the difference, and if I say adios to a comment, rest assured it is with good cause. I need not be a host to maggotry.


  9. Wow!
    In my old stomping ground there is often the tongue-in-cheek with a wink referral how such and such a kid looks like the milkman!

    If it’s not too personal, are you planning on taking this dna revelation further and maybe discover what lies down the ”alternate” path?

    As for CS. LOL! What a Nob he truly is!
    I sincerely hope he is past the breeding age!
    You should edit some of his comments, as he does on his blog.
    You could have a lot of fun!

    Have a fabulous Kiddy in a Cowshed day, Ken.


    • I have already traced my lineage to my biological Grandfather , Ark. Turns out the man who married one of my Grandfather’s nieces also boinked my Grandmother. The “Grandfather” I knew will always be my Grandfather. They are all passed anyway.

      I have communicated with relatives of my biological Grandfather already. I have decided NOT to tell my siblings who are all older than me about my find however. They are proud of our heritage and I see nothing positive coming from revealing this to them.

      As you know Ark, we non-believers tend NOT to “moderate” other’s comments like the Christians do. I believe it shows we are always open to seeking the Truth wherever it leads us.

      Have a wonderful “Kiddy in a Cowshed day” , Ark ! 🙂

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