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“The Shack”, the movie

Though a Christian de-convert, I read the book, “The Shack” when it came out in 2007.  I did mainly because so many Christians were condemning it.  It is about a Father who takes his kids camping while his wife is attending a work related meeting.  Their youngest daughter is kidnapped from their campground and found murdered.  He later meets 3 mythical characters , an African American female (God) , a Middle East male woodworker (Jesus) and an Asian female gardener (Holy Spirit) who teach him about grace and forgiveness.

The 3 mythical characters could have been Larry, Moe and Curly Joe from the Three Stooges for all I care.  It was all about forgiveness and grace albeit themes of various religions.

This past week, a movie of the same name debuted in theaters here in the USA.  I took my oldest daughter to see it today.  It followed much of what was in the book .  My daughter and I both wept during several scenes of the movie.

When I returned home, I looked at reviews of the movie and again the Christian Community criticized it for being “Theologically Incorrect”.  Several said, “How could God be portrayed as a Black Woman?”    WTF ???  It is a novel !  Theological Correctness never entered my mind.  I was touched because the theme of forgiveness is something I feel I could improve on in my life.

Forgiveness is not owned by Religion or Christianity in particular.   It’s something I feel we all could extend a little more of…….





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It’s what God wanted

After Clemson’s victory over Alabama tonight, their quarterback Deshaun Watson was asked what he was thinking and he said, “It’s what God wanted”.  Their head coach Dabo Swinney also confirmed it was God.

Forget the 24,000 children in the world who die every day, God took time out of his busy schedule and helped Clemson win a football game………

Nuff said


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Albert Einstein

Being in sales most of my adult life, I have always enjoyed reading quotes from famous  / successful people.  Several of the quotes below are very humbling as I let them sink in.  I need that once in a while.  🙂


15 Best Albert Einstein Quotes

1. “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.” – Albert Einstein

2. “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” – Albert Einstein

3. “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.” – Albert Einstein

4. “The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.” – Albert Einstein

5. “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” – Albert Einstein

6. “The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge, but imagination.” – Albert Einstein

7. “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” – Albert Einstein

8. “Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.” – Albert Einstein

9. “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” – Albert Einstein

10. “You have to learn the rules of the game. And then, you have to play better than anyone else.” – Albert Einstein

11. “Weak people revenge. Strong people forgive. Intelligent people ignore.” – Albert Einstein

12. “If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or objects.” – Albert Einstein

13. “Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.” – Albert Einstein

14. “Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein

15. “Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.” – Albert Einstein

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It’s time for Hitchens, again

There has been a lot of debate over at Nate’s Blog , Finding Truth, Which Nativity Story . First unkleE tries to dazzle everyone with the “overwhelming consensus ” of scholars routine.  Then Colorstorm comes storming in with his circular reasoning that there is irrefutable evidence for God and it can be found throughout the Bible.  And the Bible is true because God wrote it.

I decided it was time to listen to a voice of reason, so I spent a couple of hours last night watching Christopher Hitchens videos.  I don’t agree with everything he says, but he sure makes many compelling arguments.

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What is wrong with this ?

I have had many Christian friends post things similar to this on Facebook and of course they get a “like” from other Christians.

Dear God,

Bless my 2017 with turn arounds.  Turn my lack into plenty.  Turn my confusion into clarity.  Turn my test into a testimony.  Lord bless my 2017 with breakthroughs, miracles, and change.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen

My question to these Christians is where is their responsibility in this ?  They don’t seem to have any skin in the game.  And yet these same Christians will post all sorts of comments about those undeserving of welfare and how they should get a job.  I consider the plea above Christian Welfare.   They forgot to put the words “Help me” in front of these sentences in their plea to their God.

I’m not trying to bash Christians here, but they need to take a hard look at what they are posting.

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