I want to thank those of you who commented on my DNA post.  The more I thought about the post and your comments , additional thoughts keep coming up, so I decided to post “DNA Part II”

In my Ancestry work, I have always tried to verify members of my Tree with 3 sources.  If you have ever searched for ancestors you will notice there may be 3 different people with the same name, birth date and location.  Yet only one of them is your ancestor.  This is where records come into play.  Census, birth & death, etc.

I did my homework with my Grandfather.  I was able to substantiate his birth, where he lived, who he married, and when he died.  I confirmed his parents, his siblings, his children.  He was my Grandfather.  There was no question about it.  Everyone in my family was convinced of the same.

Then this fairly recent science called DNA came into play and destroyed all of my work and my preconceived notions.  All of the records I had at my disposal meant nothing.  Yes, they verified who my Grandfather was, but DNA proved he wasn’t my biological Grandfather.

There are lots of things humans tend to be so certain of .  Our religion, politics,  etc.   My bet is a new science will change our certainty about them too.

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5,000 year old Nativity Scene ?

I saw this on TV this morning and found this article about the discovery  of a 5,000 year old piece of cave art which resembles the Nativity Scene.


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Along came DNA

I have always had an interest in my family roots.  My maternal grandfather came to America from Germany when he was 6.  I have been able to visit the German village where he was born and see the record of his birth and baptism kept in a 750 year old church.

My paternal grandfather was born in Kentucky and lived to be 104 years old.  We also have a documented trail of his lineage.

I have spent 100’s of hours gathering this “evidence” which I was convinced cast in stone our family’s heritage.  Then along came dna.  I had a dna test about 3 years ago.  When the results came back they showed matches I shared with other people’s dna.  The only problem was the last names of these people were not the same as my last name.  So I had another dna test performed by a different company.  Again I wasn’t finding any names that I could trace to mine.  I was so convinced of my family records that not once did I consider my ancestors might not be who I thought they were.  Why ?  Because I had so much historical evidence for my family  but NOT for the individual players.

It wasn’t until a few months ago with the help of someone who knows a lot more about dna than I , that I understood the scientific evidence before me had destroyed all of the 100’s of hours of research and the 100’s of documents which I thought was concrete evidence for my existence .

With this scientific evidence (dna) and the database of the millions of other dna tests, I was able to discover “The Truth” .  My paternal Grandmother had my Father with a man other than my Grandfather.

I had been indoctrinated with my parents’ version of the Christian religion and my de-conversion took almost a decade for me to realize it was a myth.  With scientific dna, it still took nearly 3 years for my eyes to be opened to the real truth of my lineage.  Was I this dense ? Some of you might think so   🙂    I would like to think I had convinced myself with historical evidence and this was the reason I never considered another scenario .

I think people of faith also believe the evidence they are given as “historical” is so convincing and/or comforting to them, they have no reason to consider anything else .  Science keeps chipping away at these stories .  The more people embrace science the faster this process will happen.



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Peace on Earth

It’s  that time of year when I turn into a big kid .  My 2 daughters call me Clark Griswald from the movie Christmas Vacation.  I love to decorate for the Holidays and I get the most joy watching my Grand kids open their presents.


I just got through reading an essay from Bishop John Shelby Spong who says, “It is time to recognize that religious truth, like all truth, can only emerge out of human experience. Once that is understood, then religious people will recognize that their exclusive claims to possess some external, divine revelation is nothing but a part of our human security system. These claims also create the mentality that fuels that religious imperialism that, even in the 21st century, underlies human conflict.

The only way for the Christmas yearning for peace on earth to be achieved is for every religious system to face its human origins, and to recognize that all worshipers are nothing but human seekers walking into the mystery and wonder of the God, who is beyond anything that human minds can finally imagine. That would represent a gigantic step both into a new sensitivity and away from the negativity that religion perpetually pumps into the human bloodstream. In our observances of Hanukkah and Christmas this year, that could well be our most important learning.”

Wishing you all Peace !



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Israel….God’s Chosen ?

Even when I was a believing Christian, I often wondered, is Israel really ” God’s Chosen People ” ?   My parents had 6 children.  Had they publicly announced that I was their “chosen child” , wouldn’t that have created a lot of animosity among the other siblings?  Of course it would !  It would be a very foolish thing for a parent to do !

And yet, according to the Christian Bible, that’s exactly what their God did.  He announced to the World the Jews were his “chosen children”.   And why would an Omniscient Omnipotent God do something so foolish ?

The Huffington Post did an article about this very subject which I found interesting.  They start out by saying, “There are few concepts in religion that are more emotionally loaded and more misunderstood.”

I read a post yesterday over at Freedom Through Empowerment about “Thoughts on Jerusalem“.  Tricia seems to be a thoughtful Christian Blogger who shows respect for those who disagree with her views.  I told her I would probably be doing a post based on her post.  I intend to show her the same respect she has shown me.

On her recent trip to Israel she says,  “My visit there has convinced me more than ever that you can’t fully comprehend what’s going on in the the world unless you understand the formation of Israel by God, the designation of its people as chosen and the importance of protecting them from extinction.  How the World treats Israel is a direct reflection of it’s spiritual and moral health, which could use some help right now.”

The Huffington Post goes on to say, “The Jewish concept of the “Chosen People” is not a badge of superiority and separation. Quite the contrary: Jewish chosenness is a humble call to action and responsibility. Jews are chosen much as one may say to a child: “The room needs cleaning, and I choose you to do the work; you are my ‘chosen’ child.” In this way, all people are chosen for something. Jews specifically have been chosen to, or have chosen to, be of service to others so that the world may be a more just place.”

In Tricia’s Comments Section , blogger Colorstorm says, “But you are dead right. There is no understanding of prophecy apart from the apple of God’s eye.
And btw, people gripe that the US is irrelevant in the plan of God………..!  Uh hello? I will bless them that bless thee……………………..Being a friend of Israel is a pretty good idea. Makes sense to be on good terms with the Creator.”

If The Huffington Post is correct in saying, “Jews specifically have been chosen to, or have chosen to, be of service to others so that the world may be a more just place” , how is this working for them and their Middle East Neighbors ?  When Tricia says, “How the World treats Israel” ,  I would say how Israel treats the World is also important.

Your thoughts ?

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